What am I up to these days?

(This is my now page, and if you have your own site, you should make one, too.)

I've been drifting a bit lately, searching for a new purpose. More immediately, searching for some new income.

I'm actively looking for a new job (hire me?), and a part of that effort is developing this website and telling the story of more of the projects I've worked on over the years. I want to show potential employers that I have a very diverse range of skills.

I'm still working on developing some games; it's just taken a lower priority for now. Just light mobile-friendly games, but without the constant ads and microtransactions. I've been utilising the DragonRuby Game Toolkit, but have been looking into others as well.

I've also got my Markdownload browser extension. It's a web-clipper that clips sites into Markdown format, with lots of customisable options. It costs a little money for the Safari version of the extension, because Apple charges for the privilege of developing for their platforms.
I really need to attend to some updates.

I'm exploring taking back my own space on the internet. Like the good old days when people had their own websites and blogs, but taking advantage of newer technologies to try and hook it all up to a larger social network. I don't mean putting posts on Facebook or Twitter/X, I mean something decentralised, like ActivityPub and the Fediverse. Not really into crypto though; more web0 and Small Web.

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